July & August

July and August were filled with visits to SBS.We are happy to have so many people benefit from the Steinreich Bible School Campus:From July 4th to the 22nd, the SBS Campus filled with children and volunteers ready for Summer Bible Camp. The first week 66 children ages 7-9 came, the second week 139 children ages 10 - 12 and the third week ages 13 -15 with 106 children. Activities, Bible Lessons and a lot of fun was planned for the kids. On Thursday the kids together with the volunteers walked to the river, which is always fun for them. To end a fun day, they had a wiener roast for supper and after, a bonfire where a special speaker was invited to speak to the children. It's always a blessing to see how many kids accept Christ as their personal Savior on this evening. The CMM Summer Bible Camp has been a part of SBS for many, many years already.

July and August were filled with visits to SBS.  We are happy to have so many people benefit from the Steinreich Bible School Campus

There was a certain excitement as I browsed the information online for the "School of Ministry" in Denver, Colorado, that we were planning to attend from the 16-30 July, 2016. My husband Willie and I had previously taken an "Ancient Paths" seminar and were a little familiar with the teaching of Craig Hill, founder of Family Foundations International (FFI).

When the day came, my husband and I, along with our nine-month-old Gabriel and my mother (as babysitter), arrived on the well-groomed campus of University of Colorado. After introductions, the fellowship began. I was amazed that so many middle aged and younger people were part of the group. God has put the desire to see change happen in this generation's heart!

If I had any doubt that it was God leading us, by Sunday morning I was convinced. Through Craig Hill's anointed teachings and the Spirit led times of sharing, God's presence was keenly felt. Not only were "Blacks" and "Whites" ministering to each other, but Messianic Jew and Chinese, Catholic and Mennonite were one in the bond of fellowship and love! Each morning an optional, non-traditional prayer time was scheduled, which hardly anyone missed. Following this connecting with the Father, we had worship in singing and testimonies, which was evidence of the previous day's victories! On several days we were given training in the heart, principles and goals of FFI, but on many days we went through the video teachings and small group ministry times as in a seminar. First, we were being ministered to; then, gradually, we were stepping out and ministering to each other, under the supervision of the facilitators. One of the powerful things about FFI is that there are no counselors; there are only people who aid and allow the Holy Spirit to minister to the people's hearts! He alone can heal past wounds and restore and free the soul from bondage. So, amidst all the training, we ourselves received ministry, had deep fellowship with other believers, and learned some life principles and "ancient paths" that we will walk in. We want to be in a place where God can bless us and He can use us to bless others. In His service, Sharon Reimer

The Kleingemeinde Church from Jagueyes reserved the SBS Campus for their annual Deaf Camp from July 23rd - 30th. It's an event for Tarahumaras, Spanish and German speaking people. They invited a special speaker from Belize and the students learn about Jesus, about sign language and many more activities.

The CMM Mission Church in Tierra Nueva, Cuauhtemoc also had their Children's Camp here at SBS. They were very happy with how many kids came out this year. They had total of 60 children with 9 volunteers and were here August 1st to August 4th.

Family Gatherings

SBS Campus is also used for many family gatherings through out the year and these two months we had three. The first one was a Schrock family gathering from a Fellowship Mennonite Church in Pedernales, Cuauhtemoc, August 8th - 12th. On the same day they left, the Froese family moved in and stayed from August 12th until the 14th. On August 21st, there was a Friesen Family Fest for one day.We are happy that families can use this place as well.

The month ended with the CME annual Conference from the 26th to the 28th. Friday and Saturday were filled with meetings, activities for the children and youth and in the evening a sermon from Wilfried Klassen. Sunday morning all churches came together for a service at the SBS Auditorioum.