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SBS is located in Steinreich, campo 38 1/2. This is 18 kilometers north of the town Alvaro Obregon (Rubio) and it is an approximate 45 minute drive from the city of Cuauhtemoc

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There are nine buildings on campus. (The three newest buildings are on the far east side and are not shown on the photos. Two of these buildings are used for staff residence and one in progress of becoming a Multi-purpose building.

East Side

The dormitory on the east side of the campus has two floors. The main floor is for the girls and the second floor is for married couples. Next to it, further to the south, you find a playground for children.

West Side

The building on the west side includes the dining room, kitchen and men´s dorm. Part of the building has two floors, on the main floor you find a lounge; on the second floor is a meeting room a staff housing.


In between these two buildings is a 4-plex which is used for staff housing.

South Side

The main building is on the far south side. It includes all the class rooms, the main office, the library and the gym. In 2015 the Auditorium of the school was finished.

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