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sarah giesbrecht


Sarah Giesbrecht is a perfect example of hospitality. She attended SBS as a young girl and has now been working in different areas of SBS for many years. With a constant smile Sarah runs (literally) to meet the needs of everyone at SBS.


justina wall


Justina Wall from Paraguay graduated from SBS in 2019 and decided to stay on and assist Sarah Giesbrecht in  many areas, especially in the kitchen and with cleanliness. Punctuality and structure are key values that Justina brings to the team.


arturo friessen


Arturo and his wife Netha have been at Steinreich Bibleschool for 3 years. Arturo´s passion for music is clearly visible on his face and through his body language as he directs the SBS choir. (see photo for visual aid).

When they aren´t at SBS, they work at the local elementary school across the street.


Cornelio Schmitt


SBS isn’t something unknown to Cornelio and his wife Helena. Both attended SBS and have served as houseparents before Cornelio made the transition to director where he has now served for 13 years. Cornelio and Helena have 3 children, all married, and 9 grandchildren. When they are not busy with SBS they serve as leading pastor couple in the Steinreich church.


willie reimer


Willie and his wife Sharon are both graduates of Steinreich Bible School. They are also proud parents of three smart boys, who bring joy and life to campus. Willie has worked as the SBS "shoe-shiner" (as he calls it) for 7 years now. The entire SBS team runs on Willie´s coffee and dry sense of humor. 


sylvia wiebe


Sylvia grew up near Steinreich Bibleschool and is privileged to now be working there. She joined the team in 2017 and loves the opportunities each new year brings. She strives to constantly challenge herself and others. The words "comfort zone" are not in her vocabulary.


jenny klassen


Jenny Klassen was a rare and precious find for Steinreich Bibleschool. Her photography talent is evident in each photo she takes and her love for administration aids in her training as future secretary. Jenny's bubbly personality fills the office with cheer... and people...

so many people.


billy froese


Billy Froese fell in love with Steinreich Bibleschool when he attended and graduated years ago, but his love of books came much before that. Billy keeps the SBS library updated and in order while also teaching 2-3 classes each year. Billy is known as the campus Google due to his vast database of information.


ceasar dyck

Administrative Assistant

Ceasar Dyck from Belize found Jesus at Steinreich Bibleschool during his first year as a student in 2017. He  returned as a student each year after and grew into the SBS team naturally. Now that he is graduated, he works full time at SBS, assisting everyone with his endless string of music, teaching and leadership talent.


peter olfert


Peter Olfert is a man of conflict. His love of food conflicts with his multiple food allergies. His love of talking, conflicts with his shyness around pretty girls. His desire to work conflicts with the love of his bed in the morning. Luckily SBS is not conflicted when it comes to Peter as he is and has been a key part in entertaining the team and improving the SBS facilities.

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