Sarah Giesbrecht

Sarah Giesbrecht is a perfect example of hospitality. She attended SBS as a young girl and has now been working in different areas of SBS for many years. With a constant smile Sarah assures that the needs of everyone at SBS are always met.

Assistant to the Hostess

Justina Wall

Justina Wall from Paraguay graduated from SBS in 2019 and decided to stay on and assist Sarah Giesbrecht in  many areas, especially in the kitchen and with cleanliness.

Choir Director

Arturo Friessen

Arturo and his wife Netha have been with SBS for many years now. Arturo is the SBS´ choir director. When SBS isn´t running, Arturo and Netha both work at the school located across the street. Arturo as director and Netha as teacher.

Librarian & Teacher

Billy Froese

Billy Froese fell in love with SBS when he attended and graduated many years ago, but his love of books came much before that. Billy keeps the SBS library updated and in order while also teaching 2-3 classes each year.


Cornelio Schmitt

SBS isn’t something unknown to Cornelio and Helena Schmitt. Both attended SBS and were houseparents here for. Helena has been working as the Head Cook for 15 years and Cornelio has been the SBS Director for 12 years now. Presently they are working as Pastors in the Church of Steinreich. They have 3 Children, all married and 9 Grandchildren.


Willie Reimer

Willie and his wife Sharon are both graduates of Steinreich Bible School. Willie has worked at SBS for 6 years now and Sharon brings life to SBS with her creativity. Willie and Sharon have 2 sons and are fostering a daughter.


Sylvia Wiebe

Sylvia grew up near Steinreich Bibleschool and is privilged to now be working at it. She joined the team in 2017 and is always excited to learn and see the challenges and opportunites that each new year brings.